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UO Revival

Revival Of The True Open World | port: 2595


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Welcome to UO Revival. We are a 100% free to play custom Ultima Online shard based off of the ServUO platform. We look forward to seeing you in game!

About UO Revival

UO Revival is based off of the Kingdom Reborn era. We are an all Felucca rules shard. All players are allowed in all facets! There is a new player vendor stone in haven with LRC and full spell books to get you started. 

Our shard is fully spawned and packed with tons of custom content.​​

  • Custom Mobs, Bosses & World Bosses

  • Customized PVP Arena System that far exceeds OSI

  • A unique bag drop system. When a custom mob, boss,world boss or champion is defeated there is a chance at being rewarded with a reward bag. There are six levels of intensity

  • Custom currency along side the traditional gold system. All available in game from mobs. No donations ever!

  • Castle & Keep sized customizable housing plots

  • The old faction system - No VvV

  • Gold Panning System

  • Buffed Doom Artifacts

  • OSI Standard Skill & Stat Caps

  • Much more! Join our Discord to ask the community!

Custom Monsters (Coming Soon)

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